5 Ways Spray Foam Insulation Will Make Your Pole Barn Better

If you’ve got a metal-framed building (often called Pole Barns) then you most likely have already experienced issues with insulation.

Perhaps you’ve tried the pink fiberglass insulation, only to find that this material packs down and becomes wet very quickly.

If you live in a more rural area of Alabama, Mississippi or Tennessee, then you may have discovered that critters think that pink insulation makes nifty bedding material!

If you’ve given up hope that you would ever be able to insulate your pole barn, we have good news for you.

The experts at McCoy Spray Foam can cost-effectively seal and insulate your pole barn or other types of metal-framed building.

Why Bother with Insulation?

The construction of most pole barns involves metal sheets that overlap every yard. This overlap allows air to pass between the inside and the outside. This means cold drafts in the winters and warm drafts in the summer months. When you seal your pole barn with spray foam insulation, those drafts are completely eliminated.

If you own a pole barn, you know that metal conducts both the cold and hot temperatures that are outside. The metal walls can get so hot that, during the summer, you could fry an egg on it from inside the building!

If you use heaters or have animals in the barn, the warmer air will rise to the ceiling. When it hits the cold metal surface of the roof, condensation will form.

Condensation can become so dense that it will literally feel like it is raining inside the barn. This is not only uncomfortable for you and your livestock, but it can damage your expensive equipment, feed, or vehicles.

Condensation can also lead to rust, depending on the type of metal your pole barn is made from.

5 Reasons Your Pole Barn Needs Spray Foam Insulation

The risks of not insulating your pole barn are the very reasons why you should use spray foam insulation. There are more reasons than we have listed here, but here are the top 5:

  1. Prevent Condensation

This is perhaps the biggest problem with pole barns and the main reason why most people use spray foam to insulate them. Condensation is like rain- it drips on everything inside the barn and it won’t stop until the weather outside becomes warmer. That could mean months of rain inside your pole barn. It almost makes you wonder why you bought it to begin with! You could have simply left everything outside! You bought the barn to protect your property and livestock, so why not add spray foam insulation and keep everything dry inside?

  1. Increase the Efficiency of Feed Conversion

If you keep livestock in your pole barn, you can completely control the environment in which the animals live. When animals feel stress due to poor or harsh living conditions, they can go off their feed. By controlling the environment, you will increase feed conversion. Comfortable and happy livestock means better growth and bigger profits.

  1. Avoid Damage to Equipment and Feed

If you store grain or other animal feed in your barn, or if you store farm equipment, you want to protect those items from water, heat, and rust. Insulating the barn with spray foam means more even temperatures and no condensation. This will protect the feed from spoiling and your John Deer or favorite 4X4 from rusting or oxidizing.

  1. Reduce Energy Bills

No one wants to pay more to heat or cool a pole barn than they have to, and spray foam insulation is the best way to create an airtight seal that will reduce energy costs. If you’re sick of paying through the nose to keep your pole barn comfortable, you will be surprised at how fast spray foam insulation will pay for itself in reduced energy costs.

  1. Protect Your Livestock

When your farm animals or livestock are comfortable, they not only eat better and grow faster, but there is a reduced chance that they will become sick from drafts or excessive amounts of heat. Livestock is a tremendous value. Protect your farm animals and livestock by insulating the pole barn with spray foam insulation.

What Are YOU Waiting For?

If you live in Northeast Mississippi, Northwest Alabama or Southwest Tennessee, you should know that McCoy Spray Foam is the #1 insulating contractor, and with good reason.  We are the experts when it come to insulating pole barns and metal buildings.

We specialize in insulating pole barns and we do it right the first time. Our experienced technicians know that we can use open-cell spray foam to cover areas behind steel sheeting or plywood to seal and protect the areas. The open-cell foam expands and fills in every inch that you want to be covered.

If you’ve got pole barns or other metal buildings that have high moisture content, such as livestock or farm machine washing facilities, we find that closed-cell works best in these areas. Closed-cell is what the name implies; they are closed and tend to be more rigid, which adds to the overall structural integrity of the building or area that has been sprayed.

The truth is that you don’t have to know a thing about spray foam to know that you want your pole barn insulated and the items inside the barn protected!

Call McCoy Spray Foam today for a free quote. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your pole barn and exactly what spray foam can do for you. We service the following areas in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

We are fully insured and top-rated, so you know you are getting the best possible workmanship in the industry. McCoy’s is locally owned and operated. We know your city and we understand what you expect from a reputable business.

Don’t wait another day to protect your valuable investments.  Call McCoy Spray Foam today because when it comes to spray foam insulation, we are the REAL McCoy!

About the Author, Josh McCoy

Josh is the Owner & Operator of McCoy Foam, and widely recognized as the local authority when it comes to insulating your property. When Josh insulates your residential or commercial property, he insulates it like he’s living there and paying the bills.  Honesty and integrity (and the best insulation products and service) are what sets Josh apart from the competition and why he is the top-rated insulation contractor in NE Mississippi, NW Alabama & SW Tennessee.

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