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If you are remodeling a modern home or renovating an old one, one of the most important areas to update is your attic insulation. Blow-in fiber insulation has long been a popular choice for attics due to its ability to fill in tight spaces. With time, though, blow-in fiber loses its efficiency, whether from simply getting dirty and compacting down or through external forces. There are several situations that can reduce the insulation’s effectiveness, costing you increased heating and cooling dollars and resulting in reduced air quality and a possible health hazard for your family.

Water/mold/mildew damage

A leaky roof or pipe can cause water damage to the insulation, which not only reduces its efficiency but can lead to toxic mold and mildew growth that can pollute your home’s air and create a health hazard.

Odors/vapors damage

Smoke from fires or cigarette fumes can be absorbed by the insulation, forming unpleasant odors or vapors that can send stale air throughout the entire house.

Rodent infestation

Mice, squirrels and chipmunks can enter an attic through the smallest leaks and nest in the insulation. Along with being a nuisance, these critters can possibly carry disease as well as such pests as mites, ticks or fleas that can become a nuisance and health hazard.

Dangerous substances

Safety is another reason to remove dated attic blow-in fiber insulation, especially in older homes. Homes built before 1950 may include blow-in insulation made of asbestos particles, which, if breathed in, can lead to cancer.

Depend on an expert

Because of the nature of blow-in fiber insulation, removal can stir up dust and fiber particles damaging to lungs, so any removal should not be attempted by an amateur. Professional remediation is required to make sure the dangerous particles are safely removed and contained. McCoy employs trained professionals who use powerful industrial vacuum systems to quickly and completely remove the old insulation with no mess, while assuring that no unhealthy particles enter your home’s air.

Call McCoy Foam for the best in insulation

Proper insulation is key to in-home comfort. Let McCoy give your attic insulation a checkup and recommend the proper path to ease your mind, increase your energy efficiency and improve your home environment. McCoy will remove old, worn-out or damaged blow-in fiber insulation, replacing it with the best product to provide the highest R-factor while retaining proper ventilation. Let McCoy safely remove old insulation, replacing it with the right materials to immediately increase your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and value.

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