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Spray Foam Insulation & Concrete Lifting Red Bay, AL - McCoy Foam

Insulate Your Red Bay, AL Property

Whether you are looking to make your home more comfortable or save energy costs in your warehouse, insulation is key, and for that, McCoy Foam should be your first place to turn in Red Bay, AL. McCoy will examine your needs and suggest the best way to go, whether with spray foam, blown-in insulation or fiberglass batting. They’ll make your structure warmer, drier, and more energy efficient, saving you money and increasing your comfort.

Fix Your Broken Concrete in Red Bay

Sinking concrete affects more than just a sidewalk. It can be an unsightly and dangerous problem in your driveway or pool area as well. When your concrete sinks in Red Bay, it’s time to contact McCoy Foam for their fast, no-mess solution. Their innovative foam jacking will have your concrete level in no time, without the noise and dirt caused by old-fashioned concrete removal and repair. Let McCoy inject their high-density foam to fill the space beneath the sinking concrete; the expanding foam will lift and level your slab, hardening to walkable in minutes. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective, that’s McCoy Foam.

Red Bay, Alabama’s #1 Foam Contractor

McCoy Foam is ready to answer all your questions. Give them a call at (662) 663-1181 and find out how they can fill your insulation or concrete lifting needs. They will be happy to give you a no-obligation quote for your project, and you’ll be happy you called.

The McCoy Foam Difference

Whatever your needs, from insulation or concrete repair, McCoy is your go-to. As an industry leader, McCoy brings experience and expertise to the Red Bay, Alabama area. Give them a call and see how they can make your life easier and more comfortable.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of insulation services for both
residential and commercial clients in Red Bay, Alabama

Spray Foam Insulation by McCoy Foam

Spray Foam

Spray foam is the smart, energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Blow-In Insulation by McCoy Foam


Installation of Blown-in insulation is easy and efficient, making it cost-effective way to insulate your property.


Before you install newer, more efficient insulation remove your old insulation the right way.


Concrete lifting with spray foam is the most economical way to repair dangerous and uneven concrete.

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