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Spray Foam Insulation & Concrete Lifting Luka, MS - McCoy Foam

Insulate Your Luka, MS Property

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to do something about the drafts that plague your warehouse, or the high energy bills that accompany the leaks. Or maybe you are building a new home in Luka, MS and want to find the right insulation to ensure perfect comfort and lower energy costs. That’s where McCoy Foam can step in. McCoy knows insulation and can examine your building and advise you whether to choose spray foam, blown-in or fiberglass batting for the most effective and cost-efficient choice. Whatever your project, McCoy can steer you to the best product for the best results.

Fix Your Broken Concrete in Luka

Nothing looks worse that a sagging concrete pool deck. The natural erosion that comes from time and water can cause sinkholes beneath your concrete slabs, creating an unsightly and dangerous situation. McCoy Foam can fix your problem quickly and affordably with their innovative foam jacking. The injected foam simply expands and lifts the concrete back to its level best. It used to be a time-consuming, dirty, expensive chore to have the concrete broken up, removed and replaced. No more. Thanks to McCoy’s foam jacking, your pool area will look great and be ready for action in no time! Also great for sidewalks, parking lots and warehouse floors, McCoy Foam is Luka’s concrete repair go-to!

Luka, Mississippi’s #1 Foam Contractor

For all your insulation and concrete lifting needs, contact McCoy Foam for a free, no-obligation quote. Whether looking to service your home or commercial building, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be to create a comfortable, safe environment, inside and out. Call McCoy at (662) 663-1181 and get started.

The McCoy Foam Difference

McCoy Foam is a leading insulation and concrete lifting contractor, dedicated to providing the best materials, installation and service to our customers in Luka, Mississippi and surrounding areas. To McCoy Foam, whether it’s for a home or commercial building, no job is more important than yours.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of insulation and concrete lifting services for both
residential and commercial clients in Luka, Mississippi

Spray Foam Insulation by McCoy Foam

Spray Foam

Spray foam is the smart, energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Blow-In Insulation by McCoy Foam


Installation of Blown-in insulation is easy and efficient, making it cost-effective way to insulate your property.

Fiberglass Batt

Fiberglass batting offers a timer-tested way to improve your home’s comfort at the lowest possible cost.


Concrete lifting with spray foam is the most economical way to repair dangerous and uneven concrete.

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