Fiberglass Batt Insulation

The Benefits of Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Insulating batting may also be made of three materials: cotton, stone wool, or fiberglass. For home insulation, the most commonly-used material is fiberglass, a blend of sand and recycled glass spun into fine fibers and cemented together loosely to create a wool-like texture. It is an efficient insulator, trapping air between the fibers. Because of its makeup using recycled glass, fiberglass is an environmentally sound product, and one that is naturally flame-retardant.

Fiberglass batting offers a timer-tested way to improve your home comfort. With R-values from 8 to 38, this fire-resistant blanket can offer excellent R-value at the lowest cost, in part because of the ease of installation. Batts can be cut to size and quickly installed between the studs of a new structure, fitting tightly to assure no air leaks. Because of this, batting is a good choice for new structures where the walls have not yet been drywalled or enclosed. Another advantage to fiberglass batting is that is not attractive to insects, and batts with a plastic covering also serve as a vapor barrier.

Fiberglass batting has proved traditionally popular for insulating basement walls to control dampness and chill and create additional living space that’s cozy and comfortable. Fiberglass batting is also an excellent choice for insulating attics and crawl spaces—anywhere it can be pressed tightly to fill spaces and reduce the transference of the home’s air temperature.

When utilizing fiberglass batting, the R-value can be controlled by the thickness of the batting. Studies have shown it can lower heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent to assuring a more comfortable home environment. The batting comes in various R-values.

Much of the efficiency of fiberglass batting comes from the installation—batts that are improperly or carelessly installed will have gaps and be less efficient. McCoy Foam assures you of professional installation and will take every effort to make sure your batts are cut right to fit tight, filling every gap for your total comfort. Let us help you discover if fiberglass batting is right for your project.


✓ Ease of installation means lower initial cost
✓ Product is eco-friends, made largely of recycled glass
✓ When properly installed, creates a tight, leak-proof barrier against heat transference
✓ Natural components make it fire-retardant
✓ R-value can be controlled by thickness of batt


✓ New structure outside walls
✓ Attic floors and roofs
✓ Basement walls
✓ Crawl Spaces

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