Concrete Lifting

The Benefits of Concrete Lifting

Sunken concrete can be an aggravation as well as a danger, but at McCoy Foam, we take our concrete lifting seriously, utilizing our high-density foam for fast and easy repairs. No more jacking up the sunken concrete—with our superior polyurethane, the job is done quickly, with no mess, no need for material disposal, and no disruption of your landscaping.

Concrete sinks when the soil beneath compacts, or when water erodes it away. With time, the resulting hole gets deeper and more noticeable, causing unsightly pools or unevenness, eventually even becoming dangerous. This can happen under foundation slabs in buildings or in driveways, patios, even pool decks—anywhere you have poured concrete. In the past, repair meant total demolition and removal of the offending section. This included jack hammering the sunken cement and removing it, then laying fresh concrete, which would take days to cure. The whole process was messy, time-consuming, and expensive.

Foam jacking has changed the face of concrete repair. Now, sunken concrete slabs can be raised in their entirety, reducing the need to jackhammer and replace. To begin, small holes are drilled in the sunken slab. Then a hose-like attachment from the trailer rig injects the polyurethane foam into the void. Once injected, the foam begins to expand, seeking out and filling spaces much in the way water does. But unlike water, the foam expands and hardens, filling all holes and voids and raising the slab.

In minutes the foam becomes an incredibly strong, water-resistant compound that will deter any future erosion and assure that the problem will not happen again. Once the slab is at the proper height and level, the drilled holes are filled with a polymer concrete or cement.

Foam concrete lifting is an economical way to repair your patio, driveway, basement floor, or pool deck. Because there’s no need for removal and disposal of material, fewer workers can get the job done faster. Because the foam hardens almost immediately, down time is almost nothing and your concrete is ready for immediate use. Depending on the size of the job, most are completed in one day. Your project is finished in a fraction of the time of traditional jacking, at half the cost and with none of the mess.

Why not give us a call? We’d be happy to discuss our process and explain how we can save you time and money on your concrete project.

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